Competency Cloud

We capture learning competencies in our "competency cloud". This allows you, your instructors and employers to track and contribute to your learning.

Developer Tools

We provide open source software tools, libraries and services to enable all educators to improve instruction and learning through great educational technology.

Digital Credentials

We align competencies with emerging digital credentials and badges to build connections between student acquisition of skills and knowledge with employer expectations.

About Us

The Learning Components Research Group is comprised of educators, developers and instructional technologists who are passionate about improving technology education. We will accomplish this by building open source software tools, libraries, frameworks and services that will promote focused, competency-based learning. As we build these software products, we will track the number of them and provide links here. We will also track the number of employers who will make use of our "competency cloud" to evaluate, endorse and contribute learning competencies.









*Currently, these are simulated numbers for illustrative purposes only.


Board of Directors

Our board members are focused on the mission, strategy, and long-term goals of the Learning Components Research Group. Their experience and passion for learning drive this organization.

Thor Anderson, PhD

Instructional Technologist

CEO of Learning Components Research Group. 20+ years in the field of instructional technology, digital media and web development. Love to innovate and leverage technology to improve the teaching and learning experience. I have done corporate training, developed eLearning specifications, been a professor and department chair, and restored a 1964 Corvair Sypder convertible.

Michael Savoie, PhD

Thought Leader

President and CEO of HyperGrowth Solutions, Inc., a company specializing in the integration of business and technology. I have been a Professor, Department Chair, Dean and Vice President for various universities. Internationally recognized public speaker, consultant to numerous companies, and technology advisor. I am currently focused on the integration of disruptive technologies in business and academia.

David Monson


Product designer and entrepreneur developing performance support tools and services. I have been an instructional designer, Director of Academic Technology, consultant, and Business Development manager. I am a Social Entrepreneur currently working on products to help working adults in Latin America earn their high school equivalency certificate and prep for college entrance exams.

Aaron Reed, EdD


President of Neumont College of Computer Science. I have been a Chief Academic Officer, Software Architect, Vice President of Development, and technical expert patent consultant for Google. I am an author of two textbooks, presenter at various code camps and conferences, and currently working on a PhD in Computer Science. Avid sports fan and love camping and hiking in Utah's beautiful mountains.


Here are some of the events we are keeping an eye on.


Thoughts on what the Learning Components Research Group is all about

In Our Modern World: Is a College Degree Essential?

I went to college. I was told it was essential. Then in graduate school, I came across the idea of competency-based education or CBE. While traditional education is focused on a “let time be constant, while learning will vary” approach, a competency-based model says, “let time be variable, and the measured constant will be demonstrated competency”.

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Thoughts on the recent Digital Credentials Summit

The Digital Credentials summit hosted by the IMS Global Learning Consortium in Scottsdale, Arizona was well worth attending this year. It is clear the interest surrounding competency-based education, digital badges, and stackable credentials is increasing rapidly. There are also some new tools out there and talk of some new specification work. Here are some of my thoughts on what I think were the most interesting developments from the summit.

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